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System Upgrades

Would you like to upgrade your current laptop or desktop? We can help you choose and install SSD, NVME and archival solutions. In some cases, the processor can even be upgraded.

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Laptop Screens Replaced

We can replace your broken laptop screen as well as any broken hinges and plastics.
*NOTE* Foreign made laptops such as LENOVO, ASUS, MEDION & ACER may take longer to obtain parts.

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Data Recovery

We've had great success recovering data from failing or failed drives. Data is placed on alternate media or another computer for the customer. Outside lab service is available for jobs we can't handle in-house.

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Small Business Networking

Lets get your computers, servers and other devices talking and sharing data safely and securely!

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Problem Solving

Do you have goofy error messages in Windows or other software? Perhaps an unexplained system crash? We can often solve these issues.

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Virus & Malware Cleanups

Complete virus, malware, spyware removal and Windows optimization. Your data will be retained. The computer will run MUCH better when complete.

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Basic Training One on One

Beginners are encouraged to bring questions and we'll show you how to do it step by step on your own computer. Topics include: Windows, Word, Excel, Email, digital cameras & more.

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Custom Built Desktops

We design & build quality desktops for both business and gaming. Our popular Small Form Factor build shown here, is available in multiple colors. There are a lot of options including RGB lighting and AIO cooling.

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Website Design

We can create good looking, small, low-cost, informational websites for your business or organization.
*NOTE* No e-commerce at this time.

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Barracuda Sales & Support

Do you need a firewall, content filtering, or an onsite/offsite backup solution? We can recommend award winning, Barracuda solutions to meet demanding criteria.

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Would you like a low cost alternative to block advertising and telemetry tracking on your small office network? Pi-Hole is the answer.
*NOTE* Pi-Hole runs on a special version of Linux.

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Backup Solutions

Your data is critical. Lets get your devices securely backed up on-site and to the cloud, so you don't lose your hard work.

Future Endeavors


Do you have an interest in the following areas. - We do too!

Programming and Software


Python - A powerful and easy to learn scripting language used for websites, task automation & data analysis. Did you know that much of YouTube! is written in Python?


TruNAS - The World's most popular system for managing NAS storage solutions. This software allows you to manage anywhere from 2 to hundreds of drives.


VMWare - A Hypervisor for running virtual servers locally and in the cloud. VMware is used by businesses worldwide to make more efficient use of existing hardware.

Linux Operating Systems


Ubuntu - A popular operating system for desktops, servers and IoT devices that's very stable.


Debian - A popular operating system for desktops, servers and IoT devices that's very stable.


Mint OS - This is considered the best distro for users who are familiar with Windows!


Pop! OS - Pop!_OS provides full out-of-the-box support for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. It is regarded as an easy distribution to set up for gaming, mainly due to its built-in GPU support.


Manjaro - A free and open-source Linux distribution based on the Arch Linux operating system that has a focus on user-friendliness and accessibility.


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Testimonials are representative of comments received from clients via Facebook or e-mail. Names have been witheld for privacy concerns.

Computer Work


Just wanted to drop a note and tell you thanks so much for getting my computer back up and running! It is working great! Thanks again and I will pass on your name to other people I know who need your service!


Thanks again for your help. We are all having lots of fun with the laptop. I will recommend you to everyone I hear of that is having computer problems!


Shelby, thank you so much for your last minute help! We really appreciate it!


Shelby Meyer is a great Computer repair fellow. We've been using him for years!!! He's great!


I was able to complete my [report] and get it transmitted and accepted by 11:15 am yesterday. So, thank you very much your very expert help and consideration!! You can not understand the weight that you help lift from me.

Website Work


Hey! We're impressed. Stayed in for lunch and was bored and went in and checked out your website. Boy, have you done a lot. The pics of the vehicles look awesome. I like all the pics entering into town. Great pictures. Yes, it definitely needs a new paint job. I showed these to [others]. They say you have a "top notch" display.


I just wanted to thank you for all the work that you have been doing on the Website. I looked at the pictures and the text that you inserted regarding the memorial and I was in awe. I have received many emails from the Commission praising the pictures and how they have renewed energy in completing the project. You should be very proud. Great Job! Thank You

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