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This page contains a simple rundown of what to expect during the creation of your new website.  It is intended to be an outline of the major stems and does not contain specific details that may arise for your particular project.

Every web project is unique!

Step #1:

Please review our website portfolio and to determine if our capabilities meet your expectations.  We can do a lot with a website but we can't do everything.  If there is something we can't do or unsure about, we will let you know upfront.  We will make every effort to provide everything that you ask to put on a site.

Step #2:

Decide on what you want to do on your website.  It helps to gather as much information as you can.  Use existing brochures, literature, logos, digital pictures or whatever else you may have.  MCC can even add your corporate jingle or other sound effects to your website!

Step #3:

Determine some possible domain names for your site.  Once you  decide on some possible domains; Meyer Computer can determine if any or all of them are available.  Some of the most widely used domain types are:

  • .COM - Company - Available names are getting scarce
  • .ORG - Non-Profit organization
  • .NET - Computer companies, phone companies and ISP's
  • .TV - Television
  • .BIZ - Alternative to .COM
  • .INFO - Information
  • .US - United States
  • .NAME - Personal websites


Step #4:

Request a quote using the information gathered in steps 2 and 3.  See Pricing

Step #5:

Once an agreement is reached between the customer and Meyer Computer; the work will begin.

  • It takes about 3-5 days to get new domain names registered and hosting setup. This will always be done first.  (Once registered the domain name is yours and can't be used by anyone else unless you release it.)
  • Meyer Computer can setup a temporary location to view your website in progress if deemed necessary.
  • We encourage the customer to comment on the progress at any time.  It helps us to stay on track and design exactly what the customer wants.

Step #6:

After you have a webpage you will want to promote it.  We recommend adding the address of the webpage to all of your other advertising and correspondence such as newspaper ads, business cards, stationary, links on other websites etc.






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