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Should I Buy A Laptop or A Desktop?

There are advantages and disadvantages of both laptops and desktops.

Laptop Pros: Portability!, The 'cool' factor!, new models have built-in wireless networking as a standard feature.

Laptop Cons: More expensive, somewhat slower than desktops, not very expandable, harder to service because they must be taken apart, larger number of proprietary components

Desktop Pros: Less expensive, faster than laptops, most are expandable, very easy to service, fewer proprietary parts.  Many off the shelf components can be used.

Desktop Cons: Lack of portability, wireless networking must be added separately

Why are laptops slower than desktops?

  • Heat dissipation - slower components generate less heat.

  • Size - Processors are designed for desktops first.  (there are fewer space constraints).  It takes the chip manufacturer longer to develop a smaller version to fit a laptop.

  • Power - Many of the slower CPU's run on lower voltages which lengthen the battery life of the laptop.

All desktops come with a mouse and keyboard in the box.  Monitors and printers are always separate because everyone wants something different.

Typically you can spend quite a bit more money for a laptop with 60-70% of the speed of a desktop.  Get a laptop if you want portability.  Get a desktop if you want expandability.

Meyer Computer Consulting sells both Hewlett Packard Business Desktops and Business laptops.  They are designed to be easier to maintain and have high parts availability.






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